Diary of the Mad TV Lady

Yesterday, I got a call from a very angry guest. Instead of relaying the story, I'll just script it out:

Me: Hi, this is Toma!
Guest: Yes, I'm extremely frustrated and you need to help me. The program guide [scrolling TV guide channel - you know the one] on the TV keeps saying that my show is on at a certain time every day. So, according to the program guide, it should be on, but it's NEVER on, and I'm really upset! I want the number to the cable company so I can call them and tell them they aren't giving correct program information...BECAUSE I WANT TO WATCH MY SHOW!!!

Me: Okayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Let me just get that number for you (Toma shuffles papers, frantically searching for said phone number.) I'm searching for it, Ma'am, I apologize for the delay, but I really don't watch TV, so I'm pretty unfamiliar with programming.
Guest: WHAT? What do you mean, you don't watch TV? You must have kids.

Me: Um, nope! Single and childless! I watch sports and movies, but really...not a lot of TV.
Guest: Well then what do you do with your time, for crying out loud?

Me: Well, I go to the beach with my dog, work a 2nd job, go to a lot of concerts, church, etc..
Guest: You mean to tell me you're a girl...and you watch SPORTS?


I have got to tell you - this woman was IRATE. I can't remember a time when I've dealt with someone so upset and so....so....determined. She just wouldn't let up. I didn't elaborate above, but the entire time I'm searching for the phone number, she just ranted and raved - I mean, seriously, lady, BECOME A LOBBYIST!!

Now, I have no idea if Mad TV lady actually got through to the cable company. I called to check on her today, and left a message.

Here's the thing - sure I have Dish Network at my house and a myriad of programming at my fingertips. HOWEVER, it is very rare that I actually sit down and channel surf/watch TV. It's mostly movies and sports. ANYWAY, my point to this whole circus is that people like Mad TV Lady remind me how to be a better person....with the 3-dimensional people...and not get so wrapped up in a fantasy world that I have to torment others so I don't miss my show.

I mean, in the grand scheme of things, is anyone going to be harmed because I missed Grey's Anatomy? Will countries perish? Will children suffer? No, only me.

It was a GOOD lesson yesterday - to learn how relentless one can become when you depend so heavily on things like TV. I'm not saying I'm any better or worse, but I'm different today than I was yesterday.

As for sports and being a girl. Go to a MAJOR ACC school like University of Miami and then tell me you don't like sports. Like mother, like daughter. It doesn't take an appendage between your legs to like sports. Just a love for the action, baby!

Not going to forget our Caribbean Countdown photo of the day.....I can smell the ocean from here.

Oh wait, maybe it's because I live on the ocean.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: Um, still with "She's Gotta Be" by Keith Urban. Told ya it's a theme.....