We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About

It's Thursday and it's a pretty average day. I don't have a whole lot o' wit today.

Some of you caught my big TV debut last night - on Discovery Channel's "Cash Cab"! What a RIOT.

While I was in NYC in November (for work), my friends and I were eating in Times Square and were approached by a casting agent who asked if we wanted to be on a tourist reality show; we would be on TV and we'd get paid.

'Nuff said.

As it turns out, we were caught off guard - when we hailed a taxi to go to the alleged 'set location' for our filming, it turns out it was actually a GAME SHOW and it took place in the taxi. It was absolutely HILARIOUS - we won some money - and we got to be on TV. We got to act like complete bozos and get paid for it.

So there.

If you missed it and want to see it, I don't think it will re-broadcast. HOWEVER, my precious Daddy recorded it. I can convert it all to DVD and send it out. Just lemme know.

Back to my average day. Each day I wake up, I wish I was somewhere warmer. Granted, I live in California and it doesn't snow, but because I'm a Florida girl, I like it HOT HOT HOT - "...like AFRICA hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot." (Matthew Broderick, "Biloxi Blues") I like humidity heat and sweat. And sun. Lots of it.

I never break a sweat in California. Unless I'm at the gym.

Okay, and we're back to "I never break a sweat in California."

Not up here, anyway. As much as I love my job, adore living in Monterey and am blessed to be so close to family and friends....

I really wish I lived on an island somewhere. Somewhere like this.

Now LJ, Gretch, Rosalie and I have no idea when or how...but we're gonna get there (girls, we're going to have to make Dayton a pseudo-island, one way or the other).

The trouble is, once we're there, I may not ever come home....

Go ahead, try and talk me out of it....

Toma's Favorite Song Today: Havana Daydreamin' by Jimmy Buffett