All right, LJ! Fine, Rosalie!!!

Okay, so I’ve been challenged – LJ and Rosalie have completed this one, yet I haven’t. In addition, I got CALLED OUT by my friend, Michele, yesterday.

“Have you blogged lately?”


That was the end. I’m lazy and I don’t need the pressure.

I really don’t have much happening; company this week – Melissa Benson from Grass Valley. Melissa is a CRACK and I just adore being around her. We actually met in Japan – she is a furniture sales rep and she made a sales call to my hotel. Well, I didn’t buy any furniture from her, but we immediately bonded as Christian sisters, and shared Mount Fuji climbing tips – and have been friends ever since. She truly has a spirit like no other, with an incredible sense of humor.

You see, Benson? You made it in the blog. Now go away.

Just after Melissa leaves,
Heather will roll in from Frisco (via Mississippi) with her Mom and Granny. Soooooo excited to meet these women, and get Heather fired up for country music concert season!

Next Sunday, I’m heading to
Ft. Eustis, VA to be part of a pre-inspection team for the new Army Lodge there. I know the manager very well, Julius – he’s a RIOT – so I’m honored to be selected and excited about helping him out.

I’m also supa-dupa excited to FINALLY meet Mrs. Patrick Disney (a/k/a Kate Disney). Patrick is one of my very best friends from Korea. He and I partied like rock stars while we were there – and he even came to Japan and spent New Year’s Eve with me one year. He and Kate met shortly after I left – fell crazy in love, right outta the gate. GERONIMO!!!! They only spent weekends together, as they were stationed in separate areas. Patrick moved back to the States last summer and Kate was scheduled to follow in the late winter. Well, OIF called on CPT Disney (Patrick), and he got deployment orders.

They called for him to leave 2 days before Kate got back to the States.

You see? There’s always someone who has it rougher than you! Patrick is in Iraq for a year and Kate’s an Army Nurse at Eustis. I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to see my friends happy – and to get to spend time with their spouses, makes it exponentially better. Despite their distance, I can feel Patrick and Kate’s love. I mean, REALLY! I haven’t even met Kate yet…and already, I have a big crush on her! I’ll be there for Valentine’s Day, so Kate has ordered that we do a night of “Death by Chocolate”. I’m guessing that’s at
The Trellis? Girlfriends, UNITE! We promised many photos for Trick – the only flaw will be his absence.

Before I get on with the ‘Seven Things’, here’s a good’n. I totally stole this from a lady on the Kenny Chesney Fan Club message board. Full credit goes to pammy999, with my deepest envy. Is it time to leave yet?

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Fall in love, and be loved in return.
Buy my own home.
3. Rescue Golden Retrievers.
4. Go to Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos – then recover on the beach in Thailand!
5. Learn to water-ski – successfully.
6. Get up, every day, and exercise
(if you know me, you know that I really don’t do well before 11 am).
7. Skydive – I should get bonus points for the EXTRA CHEESE this one provides.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Cross my eyes.
2. Write with my right hand.
3. Stand negative people/victims/martyrs.
4. Ride a unicycle.
5. Sit, un-stimulated, for more than 20 minutes (Welcome to Adult A.D.D….UNMEDICATED! Join me! Water’s warm!)
6. Type slowly.
7. Lose faith in Christ.

Seven things that attract me to blogging:

1. I want you people to realize just how interesting I am.
LJ – she truly motivates and inspires me – she awakens my hidden journalist.
3. I want you all to realize I am in touch with my insanity.
4. I’m bored with this category. (You see? Adult ADD at its best!)

Seven things I say most often:
(I am actually penning a dictionary – many many terms – little, little time – stay tuned)

1. “Army Lodging, Good afternoon, it’s Toma!”
2. “Heck yesss!" (said with Napoleon flare)
3. “Chester, who loves you more than me?”
4. “That is what’s also known as…the right answer.”
5. “Mmmmeah.” (think, ‘meow’, but no ‘owww’ at the end…and I hate cats)
6. “Honto?”
(that means ‘really?’ in Japanese – it’s one of my favorite words)
7. “I love you.”

Seven books that I love:

1. The Bible
2. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret
3. Where the Sidewalk Ends
4. A Pirate Looks at Fifty
5. Where is Joe Merchant?
6. In the Meantime
7. The Five Love Languages

Seven movies that I can watch over and over again:

1. Napoleon Dynamite
(“Yer Mom goes to college.”)
2. Steel Magnolias
(“Dammit, I am pleasant! I saw Drum Eatonton at the Piggly Wiggly and I smiled at the sumbitch before I could help myself!” )
3. Office Space
(“I don’t like my job…so I don’t think I’m gonna go anymore.” “So, yer gonna quit?” “Nah, not really. I’m just gonna stop goin’.”)
4. Grease
(“You hauled your cookies all the way to the beach for some guy?”)
5. High Fidelity
(“I can't fire them. I hired these guys for three days a week and they just started showing up every day. That was four years ago.”)
6. Garden State (“Here comes the lipstick.”)
7. The Breakfast Club (“It’s social…demented and sad…but social.”)

Seven people I want to join the fun:

1. Nathan
6. Gretchen – girl, get a blog
7. Yer Mom.

Toma’s Favorite Song Today: “Do What You Have To Do” by Sarah McLachlan