Is this 'REALITY'...really?

I love reality TV. It's out there and I ain't skeert. It's my escape. But wait - these people ARE real, right? Sure, it's not scripted....yeah...go with that.

But don't be mistaken. I'm not about the so called 'respectable' reality TV - like The Apprentice or Survivor or even American Idol (Okay, American Idol is only good during the auditions - who cares once the freaks are gone?).

I like the BAD reality TV. Just to rattle off a few;
Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List (it's over now), Blow Out (Season 3 Premieres 21 March, yahoo!), Dog the Bounty Hunter (between Beth's boobs and her affection to spandex and Duane's blonde balding mullett - I just can't get enough), Breaking Bonaduce (Oh, Danny....Danny Danny DANNY), Dancing with the Stars (See LJ's omage to Nick here), The Bachelor (Ohhh, Travis...thank goodness you're pretty and can mend people; Verbal skills? NOTSOMUCH.), My Fair Brady (a spinoff of The Surreal Life - and the ONLY reason I watched it) and...the mother of all: Intervention.

Now - if you ever think you're having a bad day, tune in or TiVo Intervention. It follows addicts and culminates with a show-ending-get-to-rehab-or-we'll-never-talk-to-you-again intervention. Brilliant. Seriously, my life is FANTASTIC.

Currently, I'm into the latest season of
The Real World. I'm close to this season because I spent the MAJORITY of my four years in college PARTYING IN KEY WEST. Yeah, they don't call it a 2.7 GPA for nothin', folks. Many weekends wastin' away in Margaritaville or listening to Jared Hobgood at Irish Kevin's. Oh wait, Mom? Are you reading this? Wait? Did I just say that out loud? Yeah....she was right there with me, passing me the shots.

Today's blog will be devoted to my new friendship with The Real World cast members. Here they are:

Janelle (from California, fake boobs):
Get over yourself. You're not THAT pretty and if I close my eyes long enough, I can imagine you with a personality...

John (tall/semi-hot oaf):
Duuuuuuude! Watch me do this beer bong! Good thing he's pretty. Closet gay.

Jose (latino from FL):
Sincere, nice - will assume the ingenue role this season. Straight, but not narrow.

Paula (skinny blonde from CT):
Girl - have a sandwich. And a prozac. Like...

Svetlana (the Russian):
Poor thing - man, if I looked like you, I'd never leave the's a shame you're so shy. She'll be the Real World mattress.

Tyler (the dahhhnscer):
Catty and gay - the token one on the show...we all need one.

Zach (poofy hair):
What are ya gonna do today, Napoleon?

I am LOVING THE DRAMA with Paula! That girl could have her own news stand, she's got so many issues! God love her, it's RUTHIE ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

Bring on the scandal!!!!

Seeing all the footage in Key West brings me back to the beach...oh, how I miss the water! Sure, beautiful Monterey has water, but it's FREEZING most of the time. Okay, it's not Chicago freezing, but it's cold for this Florida girl.

I'll wrap this up, because I'm going to be late for Pilates class. Here's REALLY what I love....

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Radio Star" by
Edwin McCain