Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of All Ages!!!!!

Okay, One4JC, here's the photos I promised, from the Peru Circus, when I was a kid. I can't find the shots of me as a kiddy clown. Those are WAYYYY down deep somewhere. I had these scanned a few years ago, and happend to come across the CD when I was cleaning my office last night...

First, here's me on the top left - Roman Ladders. The boy on the very top of the ladder is my friend, Boo Birk. We've been friends since THE WOMB - and still talk every week. He's a graphic artist in Ft. Wayne. Random, you don't care, but I like reflecting on the fact that I've lived all over the world in 33 years - yet I still am tight with my best friend since birth....SHOT OUT, BOO!!

This is me (on the left) and Rochelle Edwards, on Side-by-Side. Wonder whatever happened to her. I had THE BEST location, right in the center ring, next to the ringmaster.

Oh yeah, my Dad was the ringmaster. People were jealous.

Lastly, one of my VERY FAVORITE photos - this was my trainer, W.W. Wilno. He was the first-ever human cannon ball. He was German and was FANTASTIC.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "You and I" by Stevie Wonder
I'm on a Stevie kick today, after watching AI last night. That must ALWAYS happen, you know - whenever an artist is featured, record sales must SKYROCKET. I just dropped $16 at iTunes, downloading my favorite Stevie tunes, as well as the very best of Fuel. Don't EEEEEEEEEVEN get me started on Daddy McHotness, Chris Daughtry. What in the world is he doing on IDOL, for crying out loud?