Is 123456 a prime number? Does anyone care?

It's not often I go on a litany....but...for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

If ONE MORE PERSON sends me an email about 123456, I may eat my own face. Why all the interest? Who cares? Who has THIS MUCH time on their hands? I don't give a rip. I mean, there are millions of people starving in this world right now.

Yet, this makes the evening news with Brian Williams? THE EVENING STINKIN' NEWS!! I mean, I'm all for the engineers and brainiacs in the world (Chuck Spenceley) - they're here so I don't have to hurt myself trying to figure out the square root of 5883762. They're the people that build my calculators and tell me what the boiling point of water is. Sure...thanks...'preciate your assistance.

But, tomorrow's the day when it'll be 1:23 4/5/6? And it will not happen again for another 100 years?

OH HEAVENS! Set my alarm clock! You mean this won't happen again in my lifetime? What's a girl to do? I want to capture THAT EXACT MINUTE....because heaven forbid, I may not go on in this evil world if I don't acknowledge just how COOL this is?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand STEP!

I'm off my soap box now.'ve you been?

I'm just back from a 10-day jaunt to Ohio and Virginia. Fun on the former, work on the latter.

That sounds like a country song.

Ergo, my segueway into country music.

The first three days of my trip were spent opening up Kenny Chesney's Road and the Radio 2006 tour (although, I heard of a girl in Lexington who decorated her car saying "Kenny Chesney - RATR 2005"...bless her heart, maybe she didn't get the 123456 email). It was a fantastic time, and I got to meet up with some great folks I have been e-friends with for (what seems like) ages. Everyone was exactly what I'd imagined...and even more!!

KC delivered a bang-up show, as always. For me, I was wayyy excited for Dierks Bentley, who was Kenny's opening act, along with Sugarland. I've gone to a HEAP of concerts in my life - but this was one where each and every artist just fired me up! Dierks is near and dear to my heart. As I tell everyone, I was following Dierks when he was playing the 7-11 in Bloomington! I've seen him 5 times now...and each time...he's worth every penny and a rip roarin' good time. Kenny, too...don't get me wrong! Just all around, great show and good times!

A small group of us Kenny fans formed a little alliance; we gave ourselves a little moniker of 'FIGHT CLUB'. Long/inside story/joke, but just remember the rules of Fight Club (If you don't know the rules, then you can't be in our club. Yes, it's a clique).

Anyway, I'm happy to report that we had our first ever FC meeting, and it looked a little something like this:

These girls, from start to finish, were just a big blast! You'll see our friend, Lynn, on the far left. It appears as if she's giving a sip of her frosty beverage to a cardboard photo. The photo is Lindsay. Lindsay couldn't be with us, but we wanted her in all of our photos, hence...CARDBOARD LINDSAY. Again, long story there. A very long story with many inside jokes. order to protect the innocent - I will refrain. Let's just say there are CERTAIN fans of Kenny that actually believe having a CARDBOARD CUTOUT of Kenny means they actually HAVE KENNY IN THEIR LIVES.

As in let-me-dress-up-in-a-wedding-gown-and-have-a-mock-up-wedding-of-me-and-cardboard-Kenny.

Anyone seen my Haldol?

You see, again, like I've mentioned in previous reality TV or go to some country music shows...see and meet some of these whack-a-doos, and you're bound to find that you and your crazy/altered version of life?

Yeah, perfectly sane.

As always, let me add in the blanket disclaimer:

BLESS HER HEART......................

Moving on....

The highlight of my trip to Ohio, despite popular opinion, wasn't seeing Kenny Chesney - or my FC girls (love 'em 'em up!). The highlight was spending an entire weekend with my 84-year-old Nana, Constance Eileen Robinson. Isn't she just beautiful?

For me, being a 33-year-old woman, spending this priceless time with the matriarch of my mother's family, struck a more powerful chord than ever before. Nana isn't the same as she used to be. She's frail, she's weak, and it's hard for her to get around. She requires constant care, and....I have to say, there is a special place in heaven for my Aunt Patsy, who provides this care to my Nana on a 24-hour-a-day/7-day-a-week basis. I can't even begin to wrap my brain around how much this requires, or how she feels about this every single day. She has a true servant's heart and I just have so much gratitude in my heart for her now. More now than ever before.

I also embraced and appreciated the fact that I am part of a family of very strong, resilient women. Here's a shot of the Berger women (my Nana's maiden name is Berger). That's Aunt P, Nana, my cousin Brigitte (Aunt P's daughter), me and Mom. My aunt and cousin, as well as Nana and Mom, have come through times of struggle and sacrifice, most often, for the love of their children. All on different levels - some of them physical pain and loss, some of them emotional pain and loss. Some of them both. Through it all, they've maintained such grace. And I'm so fortunate and blessed to be a part of them.

We had such a wonderful weekend. We sent Aunt P to the spa for an entire day; she had a full body massage, had her hair done, a mani/pedi and makeup. She had an absolutely fantastic & relaxing day, which was very much deserved!! She was sent to the spa courtesy of Mom. Aunt P was so thankful and so surprised, she just didn't know how to react. Well, a day at the spa pales in comparison to what she does for Nana every day.

While Aunt P was at the spa, Nana got a manicure. When her mani was done, Mom asked me to sit down next to Nana and hold her hands under the nail dryer. As I spent time looking down at my Nana's hands, I couldn't help but reflect on the 33 years I've had with those hands - how they wiped tears away when I was sad, put a band-aid on a skinned knee, served me vegetable soup and angel food cake, and how they wrapped around me in a big hug as I got out of the car at the airport on Monday, when we said goodbye.

On the way to the airport on Monday, we were in the backseat; Nana and I talked about her wedding to my Grandfather - he was in the Navy at the time and they were about to move to Norfolk, VA. Ironically, when I left Ohio, that is where I was heading. Aunt P couldn't remember where they were actually married, if it was Norfolk or when I turned to Nana to ask her, she said, "Well, of course we got married in Indiana! It's home!"

Yup. That sums it up perfectly:

Nana's hands and Indiana. Always home.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Grandma's Hands" by Barbra Streisand