Because I Have Just HEAPS of Spare Time

...and yet I have no life.

Another shot out to LJ. I'm now into Fafarazzi. Have you heard?

It's sooooo all the rage.

Just like fantasty football - you choose celebrities to go into a draft. You invite your friends to a league, and they do a draft. On said draft date, everyone in your league is assigned a celebrity. Each time one of your team members (celebrities) is in the rag mags or news, you get points. The season lasts 3 weeks, and you're privvy to so much good gossip, without having to hunt around. At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins for a leage (So, yes, I am competing against my friends. So very Paris and Nicole, isn't it?).

Now most of you that know me, know how much I love football...but it's actually COLLEGE football that I love, not NFL, which is why
fantasty football doesn't interest me in the least. I haven't the time or the energy. And - let's face it; THE STORY IS ALWAYS THE SAME. Someone won, someone lost.

With Fafarazzi - it's all about thriving on the misery of others. Someone's drunk, someone's in the clink, someone's on the crack, someone's anorexic....someone's always doing someTHING that they don't want everyone to see, but secretly they do, because everytime they make the news, they hear the faint sound of cash registers in the background...

Show of hands? Who has died and gone to heaven? Anyone? Anyone?

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Celebrity" by Brad Paisley and "Radio Star" by Edwin McCain

Here's the celebs who were LUCKY enough to be picked up by Tante Toma (I put so many picks in - and of those picks, the computer auto-chooses...much like the I had to perform sexual favors on it to get Jessica Boobson. Are you kidding me? How fantastic of a draft pick is SHE? Regular Reggie Bush, that Jessica!)