Everybody was KUNG FU FIGHTING...

Yeah, so in an effort to keep 'em comin', I completely forgot to mention a highlight of Chuckie & Kit's wedding (see previous post).

So, Sebastian* and I on our way to Redondo Beach for the big event - Seb rented a tux, I was in my favorite snappy frock (who everyone thinks cost me a heap...I say, "pa-HA! I got it at Ross.").

We cruise into the wedding, just a wee bit on the late side (which I hate, but was unavoidable). We sneak in the back, no one the wiser. It was a Catholic mass ceremony, so there was plenty of stand up-kneel-sit-pray-peace-be-with-yous. During one of these times, I whisper to Seb, "Hey, we really need to move up a few pews and also - since we're guests of the GROOM, move to his side." He agrees - and when the apropos time arose, we rose, and began to move up.

I turn to my right, Sebastian's on my left, so once we got up and turned, he was directly behind me.

And then it came.

"OMG, Toma - your dress is totally ripped!! I mean, zipper is split, you are WIDE OPEN in the back, bro..."

"What? ShutUP. No way. Quick! To the back of the church!"

To the vestibule we went, scurring and holding in our snorting-silent-heart-attack laughter.

...and then it began.

The tugging, the pushing, the pulling, pleasemercifulLordwe'reinyourhousemakeitworkrightnow...downright...PLEADING.

What was extremely touching was that there were a few photographers/random guests wandering around the back - as Sebastian is attempting to fix the split in the zip - I'm holding the front portion of my dress (Oh yes, did I mention? Strapless dress. Of course!)....it was definitely blogworthy.

So, after about 5 minutes in the vestibule - I turn around and say, "We're going home."

Sebastian looks at his watch, looks at me, and he says, "It's 430 on a Friday, bro. We're going to a TAILOR."

With that, we pull out of the church, and not even one street away, Pony Square Cleaners. There she was...a lovely woman...not only did she take my dress for immediate repair, but provided her son's Tae Kwon Do uniform - so I could practice my skills whilst my dress was being mended.

In fact it was a little bit frightening...
But they fought with expert timing...

She had me repaired, zipped up, and we were back in the church before the mass ended.


Welcome to my life.

Oh, and also - the MVP was not the bride or the groom...oh no! It was the priest. This guy shook his Habit like it was his JOB! He had everyone on the floor! Never left! That's him with my friend, Chebra - and also, with my brother. Yes, Sebastian was attempting to freak the bride on the dance floor.

And the Padre was egging him on the entire way.

Have I told you? LOVE THE CATHOLICS.

Shot out, Laura Jo.

TGIF everybody - it's been a long week....get out and do something productive this weekend!! Indian summer!! I'm dreaming of white sandy beaches, palm trees, and my favorite Caribbean Cowboy!!!!

Toma's Favorite Song Today: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems by Kenny Chesney

*attended a wedding with my brother as my date...cue music: Eagles "Desperado"