October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month - AND TIME FOR A FUNDRAISER!!!

As you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am sure all of you know and love someone who has been affected by this #1 killer of women.

I heard about a GREAT (and fun!) fundraiser that's happening right here in Monterey. I will be participating in the Breast Cancer Bowl-a-Thon on Saturday, 21 October, which will benefit the Breast Cancer Action Group (BCAG) of the Monterey Peninsula. The money raised from this Bowl-a-Thon will be designated for grants to help mothers with dependent children as they undergo breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Today's entry* is to ask for donations for this wonderful cause. I need to raise $300 for my team ("Toma's Ten Pin Wizards") to bowl, so any amount, even a dollar, is welcome!

You can send your personal check, made payable to BCAG, to me:

Toma Rusk
445 Lewis Road
Monterey, CA 93940

Your donation, as always, is tax deductible!

You may also send me the money via PayPal, if you have a PayPal account. It's fast, safe & secure and so easy! My PayPal address is

If you're not able to give at this time, I'll ask that you please designate a time to pray for the victims of breast cancer, specifically, on Saturday, 21 October. Ladies, as always, please do your monthly exams!

Thank you, so much!

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Strong Enough" by Sheryl Crow

*Yes, I know I'm due for a 'real' entry. I do have one in the hopper (re: online dating), but my home pc is down for renovation. I'm left to work hours, and there just aren't enough in the day. More to follow....thank you for your patience and we apologize for this delay while we attempt to resume our regularly scheduled programming...