Okay, so I just wrote this email to a friend of mine* today - and I thought it was a nice wrap-up of my whole feeling of online dating. So, I copied and pasted it for you, my darling IIFs**.

I am such a nazi when it comes to Match and online dating. I have a whole platform...I could talk all night! It really, kind of, frustrates me.


First, I know it's the wave of the future. I know many people that have met their girlfriends, boyfriends, fiances, husbands & wives on there. I know it can be successful. I know, I know, I FREAKIN' KNOW! I get it!!!

But I shouldn't have to pay to find a date.

Second - and the reason online dating is such a craze - is that (for women) it forces COMMUNICATION. People communicate so much more when it's in writing, vs. face to face. I get that, I totally do.

I just don't dig it.

I like to meet guys THE NORMAL way - through friends, at the grocery store, at church, on the streetcorner where I work.


It's just...sigh...I dunno....AWKWARD. I mean, really, you're all fired up and a little freaked out to meet that person, all at the same time? We share and send out so much via email, then when it comes time to meet face to face, it's just WEIRD! Weird because you already know so much about the person and weird because you're just meeting for the first time. It's the whole carriage-before-the- horse-scenario. We're supposed to meet someone AND THEN judge them. Not the other way around.


Sure, I had one internet hook up - I met him, we had a date, and it was a disaster. The guy was a total bozo. Nice enough fella, but not dateable material. He lives far from me and never reads my blog...but if you do, Nosejob guy, I'm sorry. I'm just not that into you.

On top if it all, is my blind faith that God's got that guy out there, just for me! He has him hand-picked, and he'll send him my way...in HIS time, not mine. Again, YES, I get it.

But Lord, could ya pick up a little bit?

It is all perfect and Divine and according to His plan for my life. I know this! However, I do know that he won't be walking up to my door and ringing the bell.

There has to be some effort on my part.

Cue Match.

Yes, I know there's nice ones out there - and Match is FULL of great people, that are perfectly sane, with good hygiene and a decent sense of humor. And good flossers. Teeth are big for me.

Some call me fickle.

So, sometimes I pay Match and sometimes I don't. Because I can't make up my mind if I like it or not.

34 and single? I wonder why......................................

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Findin' a Good Man" by Danielle Peck

*Ironically, he's someone I met on MySpace and we have yet to actually meet in person.

**Imaginary Internet Friends