Omedeto, Richard-chan!!!

So, I just received word today; one of my dear friends from Walt Disney World Entertainment (where I worked for 13 years), Richard, has just been cast in Blue Man Group - Orlando.

I have a few other posts in the works - comi
ng soon, PROMISE!! I just wanted to give a quick shot-out to My Boyfriend Richard. And yes, I know you're in a committed relationship with Rachael and a new baby and all. But - does she understand?

We're still totally together.

The Big Bamboo - March 2003

Remember that karaoke dream I had all those years ago? The one with the rugby shirt and John Mellencamp?

Yeah. True love.

So proud of you. Congrats, friend. Reach for the stars.

Much love,


Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Hurts So Good" by John Mellencamp