Your Day is Always Brighter When There's a Celebrity Sighting

Much, long, way overdue. Here I am!

So - totally unplanned and completely spontaneous, I spent the weekend in Nashville, the weekend of the 27th. Nash is not only a place where I swear I belong, but it's home to some of my nearest and dearest; LJ, Ed*, Teresa*...and (duh), Dierks.

Okay, so Dierks isn't 'near and dear' in the 'We are BFF' way, but. You get what I mean. At the time, he was on tour in Canada, but I got wind of a last-minute-one-night-only appearance at the Grand Ole Opry (for those that don't know, Dierks is the youngest member of the Opry). And, to put the cherry on top of this delicious country music sundae: The Opry was at the Ryman (vs. its new home at Shopryland).

Anyway, I was so FIRED UP to get there; once I arrived at the airport, I went and got my bags, then went out to the loading zone, to wait for Elj. As I was standing there...I'm gathering my bags, fixing my lipstick, etc., I look to my left, and here comes a man in a wheelchair, with someone pushing him. I focus in, because I could have SWORN my eyes deceived me...but as he wheeled, they did not...

Little Richard.

No lie!

I don't care how the weekend would turn out! I get to go to the Opry, stay at an INCREDIBLE hotel, and....

I saw Little Richard.

Seriously, kids. How bad can your day be when Little Richard's in it?

One other relevant item: After I landed and recovered from my celebrity sighting (and Elj and I caught our breath after all of the squealing - it sounded something like "omgomgomgdidyouseewhothatwasinthewheelchair?"), I called my Mother. I asked her if she'd ever been to Nashville.

She said, "No.".


"...oh wait!!! Yes! Yes I have!!! I was 9 months pregnant with you. The only seats we could afford at The Ryman Auditorium were the balcony, at the very tippy top. As I climbed the steps, I felt you drop...and I knew, you were on your way!"

She went into labor shortly after their trip.

...and it all comes together.

At my 'birthplace', The Ryman

On Music Row - at the RCA Studios

...and the reason I went to Nashville...
(Shhh! Don't tell Little Richard!)

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Long Trip Alone" by Dierks Bentley

*ET, Teresa, next time? Promise. My stay will be longer...miss you oodles!!