Here's A Tip

Now I know there is no such thing as natural beauty.

That's why...when my mother said to me, back in November, "I think it's time you started waxing your mustache.", I heeded her advice.

Yes, I said it. There comes a time in every woman's life where..

You just have to. The entire around-the-mouth area just needs. Attention.

I visited the salon, had it waxed. Fine. No issues. Easy, but expensive. I realize there are some (read: MEN) that don't realize this, but this is...maintenance. Bleh. So, the next time, I decided to wax it myself. I used Sally Hansen wax strips. No issues. Then, last month (when I was with Donna in the Grand Canyon) she brought some Nair (note: I said NAIR - as in, you can find it, ANYWHERE) facial hair removal creme with her from Germany. I tried, it LOVED IT, it was the easiest, cheapest and least painful. No issues.

I had found my 'stache removal method. What a cinch!


Last night, I stopped at Target and picked up (what I thought was) the very same product, except I bought the 'sensitive' formula....because I wanted to be, you know, safe.

Um, no.

Don't I look good with a goatee?

So, Donna, if you're reading this - can you send me the RIGHT Nair product? Seems the Krauts do Nair differently than us. Danke schoene, mein freunde.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Beauty from Pain" by Superchick