iPods are FUN!!!

Oh, this is so fun! I'm trying to fight the flu, so, give a girl a break. I got this from my friend, Chebra.

Put your iPod on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the song title as the answer to the question. No cheating!

How am I feeling today? "School Boy Heart" Jimmy Buffett

Will I get far in life? "Don't Chu Know" Jimmy Buffett

(And no, I do not have a 'Buffett-only' iPod - swear.)

How do my friends see me? "Sun Will Rise" Edwin McCain

Where will I get Married? "Celebrity" *NSYNC

(Like the cruise ship? That would be okay - as long as Stubing marries us and I get to catch Julie & Gopher shagging).

What is my best friend's theme song? "(Nice to Meet You) Anyway" Gavin DeGraw

What is the story of my life? "You Don't Know My Name" by Alicia Keys

(This is for the people who, after knowing me for 20+ years, still insisit on pronouncing my name "Toh-ma")

What is/was highschool like? "Today's the Day" by Aimee Mann

How can I get ahead in life? "Single Father" by Kid Rock

What is the best thing about me? "Revive Me" by Jeremy Camp

(Paging Dr. Freud...Dr. Freud to a white courtesy phone....)

How is today going to be? "The Difference Between a Woman and a Man" Josh Turner

What is in store for this weekend? "It Makes Me Ill" *NSYNC

(More irony - it's Sunday night, end of the weekend, and I've had the flu the entire time)

What song describes my parents? Candy Perfume Girl by Madonna

(No. Not even.)

My Grandparents? "Parting Glass" - Waking Ned Devine Soundtrack

How is my life going? "Dixie Chicken" Garth Brooks

(All right then, considering I'm a vegetarian...)

What song will they play at my funeral? "There's No Easy Way" James Ingram

How does the world see me? "Hear Me" Sam Jaffe

(Shameless plug alert: Sam's a friend of mine from college - and this IS my favorite track on his CD. The entire album is good, and we all know I'm a bit of a critic. You should buy it. And you can do that here.)

Will I have a happy life? "Let You In" Kutless

What do my friends really think of me? "He Didn't Have to Be" Brad Paisley

(Does this mean you people think I've had gender reassignment? I can assure you that's not the case.)

Are people secretly after me? "Situations" Jack Johnson

(Again. Hmmmmn.)
Situation number one:
It's the one that's just begun,
But evidently it's too late.
Situation number two:
It's the only chance for you;
It's controlled by denizens of hate.
Situation number three:
It's the one that no one sees;
It's all too often dismissed as fate.
Situation number four:
The one that left you wanting more,
It tantalized you with its bait.

What should I do with my life? "Desert Angel" Stevie Nicks

(God bless our troops in harm's way - and I think I'm doing it!!)

Will I ever have children? "Sexual Healing" Ben Harper

(BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBWAHAHAHAH!!! Big ol' belly laugh!!! I love this game!!!)

What is some good advice? "U Started It" Gwen Stefani

(Very mature!)

What is my signature dancing song? "Love Gets in the Way" Blake Shelton


What do I think my current theme song is? "What If" Creed

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? "New Way to Fly" Garth Brooks

(A song about junkies. Yikes.)

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Amityville" by Eminem - because it was next on my playlist. I know. Issues.