Sweet Summertime....

Who wants to be, inside, blogging, when it's summer?

It's been fantastic, so far. Kayla kicked off her summer for a month here in Monterey...it was an absolute blast. You know, every time I spend time with Kayla, I learn something. Not about Kayla. Not about motherhood or being a parent. I learn about myself.

A few Sundays ago, I was extremely exhausted. From work and next year's budget and play dates and Bible study and babysitting and. And. And.

And I couldn't get out of bed. I laid in bed all morning - asking Kayla to just "Let Tante rest...I'm just so tired. Please watch cartoons - I'll get up in a minute...I promise."

Well, I managed to rise at 1pm. We went out to lunch with my friend, Chris, who's visiting from Germany - then we went on to babysit that night.

On the drive home, I realized what a yutz I'd been - and apologized to Kayla. "Kayla, Tante's sorry about this morning. I was such a grouch."

"You can say that again."

I almost drove the car off the road.

"Tante - here's the deal. This happened to Mommy. When you lay around all day, you get sad - then you get sick. Before you know it, you have to move to Florida and be far away from me. Is that what you want?"

Hi. She's six. And who says kid's aren't insightful?

Plain and simple.

She makes me try harder.

Here's a wrap up of our summer...enjoy!!!

Stay tuned for updates from Boston and Orlando. A few more weeks and I'm heading out for some work trips.....

Until then, take care of each other,