Me and My (Platonic) Boyfriends

My career, 13 years working as a civilian for the Army, has been, mostly, around men. That's just a simple result stemming from...oh, I dunno. THE MILITARY. I love it, more and more every single day. I always have a 'big brother', or someone to do my heavy lifting, or a date on national holidays. It really does bode well for a girl like me.

Somewhere along the way, I decided that I want to get married and have children. It's the natural order of things - and, as most everyone knows - I'm on that path. My 20s were for casual dating, random guys, "Oh we're just having fun.". We're done with that now. I'm dating to marry. The end. No, there is not currently anyone in my life that it auditioning for that role, don't get excited! I am still on the market, but hoping to close escrow soon. I turned 35 last month, tick-tock, tick-tock. Duh.

What's disconcerting? Well - all of a sudden, here I am, 35, and I spend the MAJORITY of my time with my boyfriends. My (platonic) boyfriends. It's wonderful and great and fulfilling and fun.

So, how's come I have never felt lonelier?

WAH Wah wahhhhhhhhh...

Sorry. I just - sigggghhh - do.

Okay! We're done with the wallowing portion of our program. SO! I spent some time on the road, last month....I did my 35th birthday, just outside of Boston. I had to attend a class, then was fortunate enough to have fresh lobster and steamers with Audra & her hubby, Greg...but was also HONORED when Kristy (Krash) Ashworth and her fiance, Jay, made an appearance at my little fiesta:

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After Boston, I was home just long enough to do my laundry, give Chester some love, then it was off again! This time I went to Orlando for a conference. Thank you very much, Army Lodging...a free trip home (your tax dollars at work, folks!). Well, Orlando isn't exactly 'home' anymore, but it was where I spent 20 years of my life. Here's some random shots of people who you may not know, but I do - and they helped shape who I am today.

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I didn't love my trip - I have to be blatantly honest. I didn't hate it, and don't get me was so fantastic to see SO MANY people who did help me be who I am. Who LOVE me, unconditionally.

But...for me. I think it was the surroundings. When I moved there in 1981 - it was one theme park. One gift shop. One gas station. I know, growth and commercialism is to be expected. But. Ugh. Orlando is sooooooooooooo overstimulating. I just felt, almost, like I couldn'

...catch my breath. The neon signs, the theme parks, the traffic, the's just all....

Too much.

Plus, I stayed at the Shades of Green, where my Army career began 13 years ago. Again, fantastic to see everyone, had such a nice time.

I guess I'm just a girl who never looks back.

Again, I wouldn't be who I am or where I am today without those years...but someone once said to me, "Toma, there's only one way to go in life. Straight ahead."

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "For Good" from the musical 'Wicked'

(and....just because I's another Caribbean Countown Photo of the Day!!)
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