On convincing others....

So, my vacation blog post is almost complete...look for that in the next week. I just needed this morning to vent - and (after all), that was the original intent of weblogs, if I'm not mistaken!

I was at Penn State all week, taking a class - headed home yesterday. I was to fly Harrisburg ---> Chicago ---> San Francisco ---> Monterey. Long day. But I'm used to it by now and can, pretty much, roll with anything that comes my way.

I get to San Francisco and my flight was oversold. It was a no-brainer.

I volunteered to give up my seat, as there were 13 soldiers and 1 sailor on the plane, and I wanted every single one to board! Plus, the drive from San Fran to Monterey is only 2 hours.

Well, the flight wasn't exactly 'oversold', but 6 people had to volunteer, as the soldiers were moving to Monterey, and all had their duffle bags. Because of weight and balance, 6 people needed to volunteer (the little puddle jumpers can only hold so much - and I'm not afraid to bow out for safety!).

Would you believe, no one would volunteer?

Freakin' tree-hugging selfish California snots.

The woman from United was BEGGING. Telling people "Ladies and gentlemen, please consider this. If you don't volunteer we won't go anywhere."

I couldn't take it anymore.

I stood up and made an announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen....I'm sorry, we are all tired. We all want to get home....but these soldiers and this sailor need to get on this flight to report to duty tomorrow and start class Monday. United will drive us to Monterey! It's one more hour out of your life....and you get a free ticket!

Again, it's late. We're all tired, we all want our beds, me included! But ask that soldier the last time he slept in HIS bed. The last time he was with HIS family. Please don't think about yourself right now...because they sure don't."

Four more people got up.

Amazing - what is with people?

None of them were willing, until I guilted them into it!

I wasn't the most popular girl on the shuttle last night to Monterey, but I felt good that all of those soldiers got to Monterey before me. It's all over and done now, and I did meet some really nice people on the shuttle, when it was all said and done. Sue and Ted Hooker, a retired doctor, just returning from vacation in Hawaii. Sally and Becky and John...all very nice. God bless all of you for supporting those that serve. When you finally did reach your home, wasn't it a lot easier to put your head on that pillow?

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Not Me" by Keni Thomas