Article VI - Faith * Politics * America

I am forwarding this on....from my baby brother, Sebastian...

As discussed in a earlier email a friend of mine from Mariners Church, Reed Dickens, (who used to be the Asst. Press Secretary to George W. Bush) has co-produced this documentary titled "Article VI - Faith * Politics * America". The DVD is now available.

Last night I had the privilege to view the film at a special screening here in Newport. WOW, what great insight and examination of a national conversation that has been ongoing for centuries, Faith & Politics, and how they work together.

If you are unclear about the in depth details of both subjects, this film will help you to better understand.

Click here to view the trailer

We all like to think we know what is what and who is who in the upcoming 2008 primary, but when it comes to faith, it is quite the mess, take the time, spend $20 and educate yourself on what's really going on.

Click here to view the full Press Kit on the film

This is not 2008 candidate bashing by any means. This documentary simply educates and allows us to view things from a different point of view.

I am planning to host an additional screening of the film in the upcoming weeks in the Orange County area for those that were not able to attend last night and would like to know more about it. The screening will conclude with a Q&A session with the producers.

Stay tuned for updates, as I will be sure to keep you all posted on the details.

To order the DVD today for $19.95, click here: (no I don't make money for referring you)

Every American with a pulse needs to see it before they vote.

Make a difference with your vote this coming year!

Please forward this to everyone you know, you'll be glad you did!