I've Got the Power

So - a vicious windstorm came through northern California last night - to me, the semi-native Floridian, it was just a little breeze. To the native Californian, it was a hurricane. Strong winds, some heavy rain, and we lost power for 24 hours.

Under normal circumstances, I would be fine. I don't prefer it, but I'd be fine. When the power goes out, I can go to bed at 6pm and not feel bad about it.

When I'm alone and the power goes out, I can read. Read BOOKS.

Which I never do. I only read on planes or beaches. Or when the power's out with my itty bitty book light.

How very "Little House on the Prairie".

As I said, under normal circumstances, no problem.

But I had company.

One of my very closest friends from Korea, Joey "Eggs" Benefiel was here; along with his wife and two boys. They are en route to a new duty station at Fort Lewis, Washington. Originally, they were to stay Thursday night, and get on the road Friday. But, Mother Nature had other ideas. Although I was sorry their travels were delayed by a day, I was thrilled at the thought of spending more time with them. The power went off around 11am, and we spent the time by the fire, playing backgammon and catching up/laughing about old times. I cannot think of children I'd rather be with! At 7 and 4, they were absolutely wonderfully behaved. Most kids would be bouncing off the walls! Not the Benefiels! The Benefiel children cozy up on the floor and cuddle with your dog.

What are your questions?

It just says so much about Joey and Taryn as parents. I am so proud of them. Good on ya!

I told them this before they left: there's not many people I can be stuck in a house with, without power. But I'm glad it was them.

Thank you for the fantastic time, Benefiels! Come back soon, I love you all!!

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Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Senorita" by Justin Timberlake (a throwback to some crazy times in Korea!!)