Angels Exist (and they're cleaning my house!)

Early last month, my dear friends, Kelly & Pete, welcomed a bouncing baby boy, Isaac, to their household. I've been friends with them since early 2003; when we were both at Camp Casey, Korea. Back then, there was just Maddie, then 2 1/2 and just potty training!
Kelly and Isaac Peter
8 February 2008

Kelly, Maddie and I
Toma's Farewell to Korea
October 2003

Thanks to the small Army, Pete's now in grad school here, and Maddie's 7! I love how everyone just seems to cross my path again. To make it even better, she and Kayla were fast friends, and they look forward to their playdates anytime Kayla comes to Monterey. It's a true joy having these friends near me again.

Kayla, Maddie & Chester
Summer 2007

Well, once Isaac came to town, Kelly had a c-section, so it made it difficult for Pete to stay in the hospital with Kel (with Maddie being only 7). It didn't take a second thought - Maddie came over to Camp Toma and had a sleepover! It was great fun, nothing but a blessing. Maddie's a close second to Kayla on my love meter - so smart, absolutely gorgeous, and hilarious, to boot.

Yesterday, in my email box, this is what I received:

Hey Toma,
We had wanted to do something for you for keeping Maddie. We truly appreciated it and did not even worry once about her since she was in your care while we had little Isaac. So, tomorrow at 10 I am meeting Paula from Happy Housekeeping at the gate to get her in and she is coming to clean your house. Do you really want to do that on your day off - with Kayla there, mind you? No. It's already a done deal - and don't 'pre-clean' for her either. She'll be there around 10:15ish tomorrow morning. Love you, Kelly

Wow. No one has ever done anything like that for me. I can't even believe I'm going to go home tonight (I'm out babysitting, as I type this), and the floors will be sparkling, the laundry will be folded, and the dog hair will have mysteriously disappeared. Kelly, you're one of a kind, my friend. Thank you.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Friends" by Michael W. Smith