I Think I'm in Love

Home Depot delivered this to my door - today.

I took the plunge a few weeks ago - after my old, scratch and dent set (that I paid $300 for 3 years ago) was leaking so badly it flooded into my kitchen. My friend, Michele, had this set - and swears by it, so it was an easy decision.

I can even wash my throw rugs in it - no more creepy launderette!

Is it wrong that I'd just like to spend a night at home, alone, just doing laundry?

Showing my age, much?

Sigh....but I can't spend all night doing laundry. I settled on some blankets and towels (Did I just spend a sentence of my blog talking about mundane tasks? Me? The satirist?) - as I've got a monster project due before I leave for DC on Saturday....

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Suds in the Bucket" by Sara Evans