Sometimes I really wonder about the people in this beautiful state I live in. There are some FREAK SHOWS up in here! I tend to tune out, most of the time. I am not political - mostly because I'm just not smart enough to defend the way I choose - I choose it for me and I can't always tell you why. HOWEVER - I AM for the great men and women of our Armed Forces, who allow me that freedom. I will go off at the mouth for hours on end to ANYBODY out to get Uncle Sam's men and women.

So, I've been following this story for a while. If you haven't heard about the
BEYOND RIDICULOUS PROTEST happening at Berkeley, click on the link to read about the lunacy.

In March, Jon Stewart crawled into my (and many people's) brain and made this video. Part of me wants to jack a fire truck and head up there with the hoses...full tilt.

Most significant line of Rob Riggle (the reporter; also a USMC veteran)?

RR: "If only there was an organization that was sworn to defend that free speech..."

Silly pink hippy: "Wouldn't that be great?"

So - for Jim McKnight, for John May, for Mike Borneo, for Jim Manel, for Tony Barrett, for Travis Groethe, for Matt Phelps, and every other United States Marine.....


Toma's Favorite Song Today: The Marine Corps Hymn (DUH!)

***UPDATE*** I wish I was kidding when I tell you this was my Bible verse of the day (on Facebook): "For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisers make victory sure." --Proverbs 11:14

(I was so meant to blog about this today)