It's the Little Things

I have been back and forth to the East Coast, basically, every other week, since March. It's my favorite. I can see the finish line (June 6th), when I will finalize my certification and be done with all the back-and-forthing. There is still travel every month between now and September, but not nearly this every-other-week business.

.................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's the extent of my crabbing today. I'm really not bothered; I rack up the frequent flier miles enough to upgrade to Business Class, and I've only had a few minor travel woes. Honestly, it's not THAT bad. I'm off again on Thursday; this time I'll fly to South Carolina to my folks' house to celebrate my Mimi's 87th birthday. This woman is 87 going on 50, I'm not kidding. She does her own taxes and just 3 years ago she sold her (and subsequently bought a new) house, completely on her own. No realtor, no banker, no broker. She did it 100% with paperwork she downloaded from the internet. Alfreda does not mess around, and I absolutely dig how 'with it' she is. Again, I have ZERO complaints about travel when I get to be around her. The end.

Anyway, when something so small makes me happy, I realize I have to get out more. Here it comes:

Last week, I had to deposit a check that my friend, Gisela wrote me. I do not bank, locally - I bank at the Disney credit union (thanks to 13 years of employment, I can still bank at their credit union - Partners Federal Credit Union, formerly Vista Federal Credit Union). ANYWAY - the downfall of no local banking is when I do have to make actual deposits.

Well, leave it to Disney.

Shortly after moving to Monterey, I realize that they are part of a big network - and if you give them your zip code, they can tell you a local ATM where you can (not only) withdraw cash at no charge, but you can DEPOSIT. Lovely. All works well, as I do get a lot of checks, because of my babysitting gigs.

Each time I make a deposit, I sit in my car, completely fill out the deposit slip and the envelope (I always do this before getting out of my car - SAFETY FIRST!). I do this, as always...but this I walk up to the ATM, I see something different.

A new ATM!

Oh, that's fun! So, put my card in, punch in my code, and when I was ready to put in my deposit envelope, OH NO! NEW QUESTIONS!

"What type of deposit?" (CHECK/CASH)

Toma selects 'CHECK'

"Insert check, no envelope."


I rip open my freshly inked envelope (trees in the forest are crying), and insert the check.

ZOOM! Instant! An image of the check APPEARS ON THE SCREEN!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAA? There's a little scanner in there?

So, yes - it reads the check, you put the amount in, and bada-bing. No deposit slip. No envelope. Never again.

This is. EXCITING!!!!!

And I am...

Two weeks ago, I write an entire blog about my new washer and dryer; this week, my new ATM.

Seriously, why don't I just go adopt the 12 cats and start TiVo'ing QVC? Just get it over with, already.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: 'Summertime' by Kenny Chesney
I am so excited for the summer (regardless of the fact that we never really have summer in Monterey, I'm still fired up - it's been HOT here! I LOVE IT!). Oh! And I just watched the ACM Awards on my DCR - congrats, on EOTY, 4th year in a row, KC! Nice!!