Just Let Me Be...Legally Blonde

The following is a list of things I SHOULD be doing:

1. Preparing my budget for fiscal year 2009. It's due next Thursday.
2. Finalizing my pre-work for a class I'm taking in D.C. on 14 July. It was supposed to have been complete by 6 June.
3. Organizing my kitchen, bedroom and guest room to get ready for my move on Saturday.

The following is what I AM doing:

1. Blogging. At work. Your tax dollars at work!
2. Listening to, over and over again, the soundtrack to 'Legally Blonde - The Musical'. No, not the movie (although snaps to Reese, I'm a big fan). The soundtrack to the Broadway musical.

You heard me.

I have decided, I know who I am. I adore country music, Christian music and...MUSCIALS!!! Yes - I know every word to the entire score of Grease (jealous????), West Side Story, Pippin, and countless others.

I really haven't had the time to veg in front of the TV like I'm so good at (see paragraph #1), but I HAVE been watching "Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods" as if my life depends on it.

Which is does not.

But I don't care!

Musicals make me happy, especially this one. It's mindless entertainment about stereotypical-'dumb'-blonde makes good. That's really what it boils down to. I downloaded the album from iTunes this morning, put it on my iPod, then cranked up the Bose. I sang into my hairbrush and danced around my bedroom before I got ready for work.

Now that I am AT work, it seems that, mentally, I am still doing that. And now, I'm inspired and energized and READY to finish that classwork and start my budget!

So, see - musicals are good for productivity!

Toma's Favorite Song Today: 'So Much Better' by Laura Bell Bundy