No Day But Today!

I can't even begin to relay just how beautiful Monterey is in October. I'm gathering you guessed that by now, due to my lack of blogging. I do love the blog - but love the weather more!!!

I have begun a new adventure; both professionally and personally. Professionally, I have taken on additional duties with the Morale,
Welfare & Recreation Directorate here on the Presidio, as our fearless leader, Bob, has gone downrange for 6 months to support our troops that are deployed. Although honored and thankful for the opportunity, I am NOT enjoying the whole 'work getting in the way of my life' thing.

But that's not all.

Around the same time, I was inspired by my dear friend, Sharon Diane Cataldo Fenneran (shot o
ut!). Through the beautiful invention we call the Internets, I watched Sharon shrink over 60 pounds. And she looks FANTASTIC.

A busy Mom of two, and a ROCK STAR wife, I said to myself..."If she can do it, I can do it!" So, I asked her, "How'd you do it?"

"I hired a personal trainer."

Although expensive and time consuming, I took the plunge. Thankfully, my trainer is contracted through the military, so her rates are cheap cheap cheap - and she is INCREDIBLE! Her name is Lisa B, and I'm considering moving in with her.

I kid.

So, with the temporary promotion and the trainer hired, I embarked on "Toma's 10 Week Challenge". I started on the 29th of September and am on this journey through Thanksgiving. I mean, I know this is a LIFESTYLE change, my life will NEVER be the same - but, for now, my initia
l entry is 10 weeks.

3 weeks in and I'm down 11.5 pounds!! WOOT, WOOT!!

Yes, the exercise makes me feel better. Yes, the eating healthy is the right thing to do. Yes yes...YES!!!! I get it - you endorphin nazis! I'm just SOOOO not the exercise junkie. I have the cute clothes and the motivation and the habit down...I got it. I just...ugh...hate the gym - hate being there. It's boring and I'd much rather be at
home, on my couch.

With cake.

You know what drives me? I mean, besides results? The sauna - afterward. I know it's sillly - but, whatever works, right? I love the sauna, 15 minutes of pure heat and's a dream. Feels like I'm home in Florida!

Lisa's got me on a pretty tight leash. I work out with her on Tuesday nights - she kicks my butt! Then, the other 4 days a week, I do a minimum of 45 minutes of hard cardio, with my heart rate between 122-144. I have been averaging about 130, and it sure brings on
the sweat and the heavy breathing!

So, just like work is getting in the way of my life. Now, my working OUT is getting in the way of my lying around. My DVR is so full, that I can't keep up with all my shows!

I know. My problems.

I just can't bring myself to drop money on a treadmill for my living room when I know it will onl
y function as a clothes hanger.

To the gym we go.

I also might add that my cousin, Phillip, and his beautiful wife, Amy, are contestants on the current season of 'The Biggest Loser'. I won't spoil you with the outcome, but let me just tell was enough to get me up off the couch and get. Me. MOVING. I am so proud of them, and am wholeheartedly encouraged by their journey. That was it!!!

That was the day I said, "No day but today."

In other news (as if the temporary promotion and the new workout program weren't enough) I've taken on a second (really, THIRD, if you count my babysitting on weekends) job at a wonderful little Baptist church here in Monterey. It's funny, it's a job, and will certainly help with my vacation savings account, but I have found a church home.

It reminds me so much of First Baptist, Kissimmee, in the early days. Everyone in the sanctuary knows my name, everyone greets visitors with a warm smile and welcome...and (most of all), this church has a heart for the community, and serving it. It is a church where I can serve, worship and grow. In my 4 years in Monterey, I haven't 'really' found a church home. At the same time, many of you know, I interviewed with two other churches in the area for different music positions, but none worked out.

Now I know why.
God was preparing me for Lighthouse Baptist (and vice versa).

You know what I like more than anything? Wednesday night. Church supper, then Bible study, then ensemble practice, which I lead.

Just like First Baptist Kissimmee!

Just like home.

I'm working on vacation plans for 2009 - this year, because of so much work travel, I really didn't do too much 'fun' traveling, save for a long weekend in Hawaii. With the help of babysitting and LBC, I'll take Kayla on a Spring Break adventure...somewhere sunny, and all-inclusive...maybe the Dominican Republic, because it's uber-cheap there. Then, next fall (around this time, next year), I'll return with my favorite girls to St. John and Jost van Dyke.

Work hard, play hard, baby!

Sharon, I know you're reading this. YOU are my muse! Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. I love you!

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "No Day But Today" by the Cast of 'Rent'