16 Things...nope....25 Things

It was 16 Things back in November...now it's 25. After going back and reading, I didn't follow directions, the first time. It was '16 Things' and I gave you 18.

Therefore, I am not the underachiever I thought I was.

You people better not add 8 more.

1. I know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and am not afraid of death. I'm only here for a brief rest stop. I know exactly where I'm going and look forward to the day I'll get there.

2. I do not like broccoli, asparagus or brussels sprouts. And I was a vegetarian for 3 years. Someone please alert the irony police.

3. Stealing an idea from Tara - I think the lyrics "Something 'bout the way the hair falls in your face - I like the shape you take when crawlin' towards the pillowcase - You tell me where to go and - Though I might leave to find it - I'll never let your head hit the bed - Without my hand behind it" are among the best written. Ever.

4. I do not like to shop, come to Pampered Chef/PartyLite/Tastefully Simple parties or any of the activities of the like. Although I may enjoy girly THINGS and my girlFRIENDS I do not enjoy girly ACTIVITIES. Bridal and baby showers are, in a word, excruciating. This does not mean I'm not thrilled about your impending nuptials/new life. It just means I'd rather have a root canal then see how many toilet paper squares it will take to fit around your belly. But please make sure you let me know where you're registered. What I lack in presence, I make up for in PRESENTS.

5. I send handwritten thank-you notes. It is a dying art.

6. I adore my dog; he is my best friend and constant companion. In the words of Greg Behrendt, "Pets are God's way of saying 'Don't lower the bar just because you're single'."

7. I can't stand negativity, complaining or whining. If you don't like your circumstances, change them. The majority of your life is CHOICE.

8. I grind my teeth at night - and have to wear a retainer. It's very sexy.

9. I always have the perfect song as background music.

10. I think you should wake up every morning and be PASSIONATE about what you do. If you're not, make a change. See *7.

11. Bad company corrupts good character. And character counts.

12. I have a degree in Music Education and, up until the day I graduated from college, was sure I was going to teach high school chorus. Then, I walked into the Shades of Green so I could pay my bills 'in the meantime'. That was almost 15 years ago and I am still a civilian working for the Army - and I adore it.

13. I have an incredible sense of pride in my country and those who serve to protect it - and I believe in small government and no socialism. If you want it, WORK FOR IT.

14. I was in the circus in Peru, Indiana, when I was a kid.

15. I cannot cross my eyes.

16. I am left-handed.

17. I was a parade performer for 11 years at Walt Disney World.

18. I think I posses a large volume of common sense. Which sometimes pushes me into thinking the rest of the world are imbeciles. I'm working on it.

19. My niece, Kayla, is the reason I get up in the morning.

20. My parents are divorced, and both remarried to fantastic people. I now have four parents and I adore each of them for how they've shaped me as a woman.

21. I am a horrible driver (excited, Goose?).

22. I type insanely fast. And loud.

23. I prefer Facebook, IMing and emailing to texting and calling...and (heaven forbid) writing LETTERS (thank-you notes don't count).
I know - that makes me a bad friend.

24. There is no one on the planet that can make me laugh harder than my baby brother, Sebastian.

25. I know all the words to almost every Jimmy Buffett song.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Let There Be Peace On Earth" by the Liberty Voices
(I always pick a favorite Christmas album every year. This year, it's this one.)

***UPDATE*** now it's almost January, and I'm digging "Bubbles" by Colbie Caillat.