What's In It for ME?

Thought I'd take a hot minute out and highlight this past Wednesday for you. I left many, many commentaries on my Facebook status on Wednesday. But thought it important to copy and paste here...

I am currently interviewing for a front desk clerk at the hotel. In today's job market, I received 69 applications for one (1) position. Needless to stay, it's quite competitive, as we offer full time, full benefits.

For a little comic relief, here's a synopsis of those interviews.

Out of 19 on my list with scheduled interviews, four (4) showed up.


Greatest Hits:

"You're only paying $10 an hour? I get that right now - ON UNEMPLOYMENT!"
(Toma thinking - "Yeah...well..lemme know how that works out for ya.")

"I need to know, up front - when is my first raise, and how much?"

(Your first raise will be your behind coming out of your chair...on your way to the door.)

"What are 4 10-hour days? What do you mean? Will I get overtime since it's over 8 hours? I have to have Saturdays off."
(Toma thinking - "Yeah...well..I have to be 120 pounds...BUT I'M NOT.")

"I normally get $16 an hour for front desk clerk work - let me do the math and see if your health, life insurance, 401k and retirement plan really calculate out as beneficial to me."
(Toma, again, thinking - "Yeah...well..lemme know how that works out for ya.")

and lastly...nervous twitchy cougar lady who smelled like an ashtray, was made up as if she were doing Kabuki theater, said, "You know, I AM a people person."

Happy to report, though, I've selected Selena (name changed to protect the innocent). A recent college graduate, personality plus, hotel front desk experience and...

a Mac owner.

Yes. This has what it's come to. I can judge you by your choice of home computers.

All kidding aside...what's WRONG with people? I mean, sure...there's a significant number of people in my orbit that just don't "get it". But after this round of interviews, I actually stopped and thought to myself, "Ohmigosh. I'm an elitist. I am actually so much smarter than everyone else."

Of course I'm not.

But - this...this...sense of entitlement. I have never, EVER seen anything like it in my life. Did my parents' generation say this about us? I think not. I've worked since the day I turned 16. Heck, when I was 12, my Mom had me stocking tacky souvenirs for cash, under the table! It's one thing to feel you're 'entitled' to something if you work hard and if you've earned it. But, this group? THIS GROUP made the Wal-Mart greeter look busy. And hey - not to knock Wally World, at all. But - come on.

I'll close this small rant today with one of my favorite Mark Twain quotes; "The world doesn't owe you anything; it was here first."

At least I can laugh at people who tell me they make more money on unemployment. I almost came back with "Really? Did you just listen to to the words that came out of your mouth?"

But I couldn't. Because - elitist that I am, I own real estate on the high road.

Enjoy the extra hour tonight,

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong