There's No Place Like Home

I could go on forever. I can't remember a time in my life where I've been happier, been more thankful or felt so blessed. Absolutely - 100% - without a shadow of doubt - the best decision I ever made. Many of you reading this were praying for me. I am a living proof that those prayers were heard and answered! I felt it! Thank you!

On Thursday, my household goods arrived, and as the movers unloaded and unpacked each and every box, I thought, "This is my's beginning."

It's the arm's reach from Kayla.

It's the backyard with the giant palm trees.

It's the garage door opener.

It's the 100% faith from my new boss, the Mission Support Commander, who (yesterday) gave me 'carte blanche to get the lodge where it needs to be.'

It's the curbside pickup of anything and everything I need to get rid of.

It's parents who help you with your yard work - and love it because they totally dig you being so close.

It's my new bike (well, 'new' to me! Thanks, Mom! I love your hand-me-downs!).

It's being able to get Sebby off to a dinner with a client - and help Kayla with her math homework.

It's rolling out of bed, walking 5 feet and opening a sliding glass door from my bedroom to let Chester out at all hours.

It's 3 turns and 6 miles, door-to-door, to my office.

It's Publix. Where shopping is a pleasure.

It's BJ's Wholesale, who kicks Costco's bum and has 3-for-$3 Tazo Chai Tea mix. Jackpot.

It's finding that my Credit Union has a shared branch. 1.1 miles from my house and 3 miles from my office.

It's putting the previous owner's washer and dryer on Craigslist at 11pm - and selling it at 9am. In cash.

It's the weather. Oh, the sweet sweet Florida Sunshine that I adore and have longed for for the last 15 years.

It's Hurricane football this fall. In person.

It's your best friend since the womb, buying a one-way ticket to come and decorate...who'll stay until the house is 'your very own'.

It's the car wash kiosks in the corner of EVERY (and yes, I mean every) strip mall. $15, inside and out.

It's the Homestead Farmer's Market in the Redlands. Where you can get a pony ride, buy a bunny rabbit, eat a taco, buy a washing machine or designer knockoff jeans, get your car washed, load up on pounds of the freshest fruits and vegetables - all in one location.

It's beginning your life. For the very first time.

It's. HOME.

I send all my thanks to all of you - and to the Lord. It's all because of His plan! What a blessing!


Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Celebrate Me Home" by Kenny Loggins