My Greatest Life Lessons by Alfreda Rusk

On Thursday, May 24, 2012, my Grandmother, Alfreda Rusk, turned 91 years old.  I've been fortunate to spend the last three (3) birthdays with her.  Although born in Cedarville, IL and raised in the Midwest, she and my Grandfather settled in South Carolina in 1985.  Shortly after, the rest of my family (father's side) moved up, as well. 

There are many incredible things about Mimi.  She's a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother.  She started going with my Grandfather in the summer of 1937. He wanted to get married right away, but Mimi wasn't having it.  She needed her time. So, from 1939-1940, she was a Harvey Girl

Eventually, my Grampa wore her down.  They married in February of 1941 and had three kids, my Aunt Nancy, My Dad and my Uncle Dan.

There are stories, places, people and so many things in between.  But today, I asked her to give me her biggest life lessons.  Here they are: