A Plug for Lisa

My friend, Lisa Donahue (those Disney folks reading this - it's Tom Loureiro's girlfriend), winner of Big Brother 3, will be competing for a spot in the house in the new Big Brother 7: ALL STARS!!! This season, WE get to decide who stays in the house!!

There's nothing on TV this summer - and why not thrive on the misery of others and vote for the prettiest?

Just kidding. Lisa is a great girl, and I'd love to see her not only make it into the house, but win the whole enchilada...AGAIN!!! Tom & Lisa called me JUST this morning and asked me to put out and APB- get everyone to vote! I promised them I would!!!

We're all familiar with my affection towards reality TV, yet I've never watched the show (When Season 3 was airing, I was living in Korea, so I'm clueless). But I will definitely watch this season WHEN (notice I said "WHEN!") Lisa gets in the house!!!

Voting begins right after the show airs on the east coast - CBS, TONIGHT!! Click here to vote. REMEMBER! VOTE AFTER THE SHOW AIRS...

I'll be back with a monthly update in the next few days...PROMISE.

Thanks, everyone!!

Much love!!! GO LISA!!

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "On Your Side" by Sheryl Crow & Sting