On the Movies...

Some of you know this, some of you don't.

I am a very big movie critic.

No. Movie buff. Ugh...that word 'buff' is so hokey.

I like movies. And I'm not afraid to tell you that
a) I have the best taste in movies (duh!!) and b) Once I recommend a movie and you go see/rent it, you will come back to me and say "You were so right, Toma!"

With that, the two 'must see' movies of 2006 were (in no particular order):

Little Miss Sunshine

Now - this movie got so much hype. All of my friends, even Elj went on and on about thi
s movie. Okay...fine. I'll go and see it. I saw LMS at the Osio Theater, in downtown Monterey. I love it when a movie has big enough cojones to run at the Osio - that means it's good. The Osio is existential, contemplative and portentous. Allegedly, the Osio has good taste. Sometimes I disagree. I saw it alone and I pride myself on being the girl that has no problem going to movies alone. Er...I actually prefer it.

Okay, my friends prefer it.

Mostly because, when I go to the movies with people, I tend to annoy, as I sometimes chat, if I'm bored. And sing along (Note - do NOT...I repeat, do NOT go and see
Dreamgirls with me. I know every song, every line. Why? Because I saw the Broadway show when I was 16 and I own the soundtrack. Leave me alone).

Okay, back to the story. I watch the movie, let out a few chuckles here and there, and silently think to myself,
"Yeah...good flick...moderately funny...but, what's all the fuss about? I mean...it's not THAT funny."

And then...the last scene.

OhmercifullordinheavenIthinkIjustwetmyself funny!!! You just don't expect it - not at all. Elj said it in her post - tears! Tears rolling down my cheeks - silent heart attack laughter - stomach/abs hurt from so much laughing!!!


Get it - get it NOW. Buy it. I'm not kidding.

The Last Kiss
Standard, easy-to-follow and expected plot line. Boy and girl are engaged and with child. Boy is ready to marry/spend rest of life with girl. Boy sees whimsical co-ed/free-spirited girl and wants to make sure that girl he's betrothed to is 'really' the one. You can make up the rest.

The thing that struck me with this film - is the true and honest depth these characters had. Zach Braff's character, Michael, had it...but the MVP role in this film is Jacinda Barrett's character, Jenna. She made women, who have bouts with The Crazy (thank you, Kristy Sammis), feel, oh...um...normal. That it's okay to posses The Crazy, then come back from it.

It was so...raw.

I dunno, maybe it's because I was such a fan of
Garden State. However, Zach didn't write/produce/direct this one like he did Garden State (by the by - Garden State should also be in your library, as should the soundtrack - that movie was THEE MOVIE of 2004). Although TLK didn't stay long in theaters - went almost immediately to DVD, it is absolutely a great way to spend 2 hours.

The latest and greatest quote I'm using came from that movie (and I'm not giving anything away here). It was a scene where Michael is confronted by Stephen (girl's {with broken heart because he cheated with dormitory slut}) father:

Stephen: "How do you know you're right for each other?"
Michael: "Because I feel it."
Stephen: "Listen. How you feel only matters to you. It's what you do to the people you say you love. That's what matters. That's the only thing that counts."

Nail, meet head. Really got me. Yes, I realize it seems to be a Zach Braff theme. So? What of it? Once in a while, I think a filmmaker/actor/artist comes along that just speaks your language, you know. No dictionary or translator needed.

That's me and Braff. We're tight like that.

Lastly, I'm just about to wrap up a nice holiday weekend, and I'm attempting to catch up (but failing miserably) on my DVR shows. It's really such an energy sucker. There is no possible way I can keep up with everything I have recorded. I live in Monterey, for crying out loud! The weather is divine and who wants to be inside? I'm a bozo.

Plus, I'm starting my training for The 3-Day in San Diego on 1 February (more on that in another post), so why do I continue to commit to my TV? On my days off (where there are no commitments/2nd job/trips)...which is RARE, I sit in front of the tube, because I'm so far behind on my TV. It's a ton of pressure, and I hate it.

And it's unproductive.

Yet, I do it - and I love it. I am absolutely ADDICTED. We've discussed this, at length, before. I am secretly hoping to begin working on my master's this spring...if I do, I will actually call my satellite provider and cut off my satellite service.

Because I have no discipline.

And I love as much trash TV as I can get. My friend, JP - the one that lived with me in December? He would constantly say, "Toma! That stuff will rot your brain....how can you just sit there and watch that stuff?"

"Because I pay the bills. Now go ride your bike, run a triathlon or learn a language. I'll be right here."

That begs the question, though..."Why do I have to have an
excuse to cut off the TV?"

Again, with the discipline.

But, I digress. I caught just the intro of last week's SNL.


I was a
Jake Gyllenhaal fan when he did Moonlight Mile in 2002, still in puberty. It did not happen, all of a sudden, when he became that 'big star.' Long before Brokeback and Jarhead (and, let me state the obvious - it takes some SERIOUS acting chops to pull off two POLAR OPPOSITE characters...in the same year....and be EFFECTIVE; but Jake does it. Well.). If you're an aspiring actor, and you want to know what 'right' looks like, see Jake.

Listen, I realize he films mainstream - big dollars - in the multiplexes. Who cares? He. Can. Act. The end.

Okay, really...back to it. "Paging 'A.D.D.'? A.D.D. to a white courtesy phone..."

Saturday night, he opened the show. I realize this was a parody, but HELLO! Jake has got the falsetto of a Dreamgirl! He has got PIPES! Move over, Jennifer Hudson (congrats on the Golden Globe, girlfriend)! I mean - Adam Sandler always made a joke with Operaman. What most people never realized is that Adam's classically trained - and has some UNBELIEVABLE musical talent! Jakey is now showing off is acting chops, his musical pipes and statue-of-David physique?

I don't care that he's in drag. He is absolutely incredible.

Is it weird that I'm turned on by a tranny that can carry a tune?


Toma's Favorite Song Today: "Will I?"
from Rent, 1996 Original Broadway Cast
(showtunes...it's a theme...sorry!)