I'm Inspired

So - I'm currently in Southbridge, MA, for a class (I'm doing some professional development for my job at Army Lodging - Penn State administers it, but they teach us at the DoD facility here in Massachusetts). I have class all day, but I'm free in the evenings.

So, you see...I am a Huckabee supporter.
And I am not afraid to admit it. I realize you may not agree - which is fine! That's what makes our country great! Our own choices. And I love that.

Right. I subscribe to his web feeds and view his blog and calendar, regularly.

I happen to see that he was appearing in Warwick, RI tonight. I pull up MapQuest - and...it's 60 miles from me. Doors open at 5, rally begins at 6.

I revved up my Ford Explorer rental car, plugged the address into the GPS, and off I went.

Okay, so everyone says it's over. Maybe it is. But - maybe it isn't. Until we see those delegates...it's not over.

He was fresh, he was funny, he was smart and he was inspiring. I'm so glad I voted for him. Whether he continues or not, I'm still so happy that I got to see him speak.

Oh! And I dropped a name! My girlfriend, Debbie (whom I was on Cash Cab with in November of 2005 - you can read about that debacle here), went to high school with Governor Huckabee. I sure did mention that, and he lit up! SO - DEBBIE!! Huck says 'hello' and he loves you!

Yes. Six degrees of Toma. Forget that Kevin Bacon person.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: "I'm Every Woman" by Chaka Khan. Don't ask - I've just been singing it all day. But just the intro...'whatever youuuuu wannnnnt...whatever you neeed.....'

I'm not well.