She's an Insomniac...inSOOOMMMniac on the floor...

My desperate attempt at an 80's throwback.

HARRABLE! It's 1am and I've begun my annual week of no sleep. That's just how I roll, and it's fine. No rhyme, no reason, and just get sideways like that. You're the big winner, though! I get inspired and I write and you're fortunate to get to hear my inner monologue.

For a short time.

Random Items:

1. I am now, officially, showing my age. I am addicted to (big sigh) radio!!!! I can't believe I am just now getting it. Here's the thing, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I don't read. I don't watch the news. I don't subscribe to the newspaper*. I'm completely uninformed and I don't care. If it's really THAT BIG of a deal, it will be on the cover of People. Or my Mom will tell me. HOWEVER (pause for effect), my friend, Michele, turned me on to Armstrong and Getty. They're a team that have been together since we actually had radio dials - and they're now based out of Sacramento. Thanks to the digital generation, because I can't tune into Sac'to from this far away, I Podcast them daily. They cover it all - news, politics, celebs, random foolish people, et al without the nauseum. And you know what?

I'm informed.

Neither of them claim allegiance to the right or to the left - neither of them claim any particular religious affiliation. They report, comment and move on. I love it. And they are HEE-LAIRRRR-RIOUS. From what I understand, they are both Ivy League graduate-types, both AGAINST socialism (YESSSSS!), and are both musicians.

I'm on board.

2. Celebrity Rehab - Reality Show


This is an absolute DREAM of reality television. I just saw an interview last month where a pastor's wife said, "People that watch reality TV are people that don't want to get up off the couch and participate in their own lives."

And that's bad? Really?

I am those people.
(I mean the couch people, not the addict people - see that diatribe here)

I realize that I lose points with smart, elitist-types when I claim my allegiance to reality TV. But, you know what, elitist-person? That's what makes our country great. The freedom to choose.

I just feel mid-elitist because I now balance it out with talk radio every day.

But, I digress.

I won't go into the details - but this show....this delicious, addicting (rim SHOT!) show is pure heaven. You've got Kenickie/Bobby Wheeler who is, LITERALLY, hanging on for dear life. This guy, God love ON A GOOD ONE. I just still can't get over that scene in Grease, where he's got that monster Zippo - and he was the coolest of the cool, even though he almost planted a biscuit in Rizzo's oven in the movie. That was soooooo cutting edge in 1978.

And look at him now.

The rest of the celebs?

Don't matter.

Oh yeah! There's a Baldwin in there - he's been clean for X months, but wants continued sobriety and wants to be sure everyone in rehab KNOWS that HE KNOWS it ALL.

Just ask him.

Oh. Yes. And OH! DR. DREW PINSKY. Yum. Me. Especially tonight when he came in to talk Kanickie out of leaving - he was off duty - out of the doc clothes, black tee shirt. Ahem. Nice guns.

3. Election
Bring it, bring it, bring it!!! I adore every single second of this, and I am learning so much (You see what talk radio has done for my life?). I usually try to give you my original, very best on this blog, but....when I read my friend, Chebra's, blog was as if somebody gave her the keys to my head. She summed it up so perfectly and so eloquently, so I'm going to borrow her:

Getting excited for the election, getting REALLY excited that so many people are involved! Hooray for citizenship!!! Alexis deTocqueville would be proud. I am of course more interested in the General election after the primaries, when people stop trying to distinguish minor nuances within the same party (I don't think Hillary was trashing Martin Luther King Jr. And I don't even like Hillary). But I love that people are talking about the issues. I am starting to get minorly offended by the talk that America is not ready for a woman president... I by all means am not against a woman president. I'm a card carrying member of the Independent Women's Forum after all. I am not for Hillary Clinton. That does not make me a misogynist or a Bush fanatic.... it just means I don't like her. And guess what? I'm allowed to not like her. That's the best part of America! I have much more political commentary in my head right now... but for now, I'm just excited that people are talking about it.

4. Exercise = Endorphins? What the?....Who the?
Again, I am at one with my couch. It's no secret. I won't go into the long, drawn-out saga...but let's just say, I am out of my funk. Out of the "I had the flu and it lasted a month" out of the "No I'm not sad the holidays are over and I'm still single - I just want to sleep for 12 hours a night. GET. OFF!!". Yeah, it was noooooo bueno. But, I'm back in business, baby! I'm all in! Ready to be an active participant in my own life.

And I got moving. I went back to spin class and I've never felt better. New class, new teacher, and I'm on my way.

5. Book Recommendation
Yes, even read a book. You see? Times are changing. Go here and see a fellow blogger, Laurie, who lives and knits L.A. Laurie is a gifted writer, and she's actually published her blog into a BOOK!! You can see about that here! My review?
Loved it, loved it, LOOO-HHH-OOO-VEDD it! Although not divorced, and owner of a dog...I still related to this book. I love how brave she was to write her story. MY story. My favorite line in the book [when she soberly refers to eating everything in sight when you're depressed] " is no longer good for me to do things that are bad for me." Sure, it sounds simple. But - oh, the resonance. Love it.

Although I am drawn to knitting, I'm not sure my A.D.D. is. Stay tuned.

6. I will leave you with my favorite nugget - this came from my favorite talk radio show via You Tube. And it's pure holiday delight. Merry Belated Christmas, ya'll...

Hope you enjoyed my insomnia-tic litany. It's 2am and I have to work in the morning. So pass me my Ambien whilst I watch a UFC Champion go through withdrawals. Goodtimes.

Toma's Favorite Song Today: Mr. Sandman by...zzzzzzzzz.......(I fell asleep trying to find the artist. YOU KNOW THE FLIPPIN' SONG!)

*ADDENDUM - I now subscribe to the Sunday paper. Although I say it's so I can be more informed, it's really for the coupons and the Parade magazine. I lie to myself. And it's good.